19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, August 9, 2020-“The Storm is over”


This narrative was said to have come as Matthew’s message to the Christians who are facing persecutions addressing the issues of danger and fear in the journey of faith. Like many others St Augustine saw the ship as the church and he writes: “This ship which carries the disciples that is, the church is tossed and shaken by the tempest of temptation, and the contrary wind that is, her devil adversary rest not and strives to hinder her from arriving at rest. But greater is He who makes intercession for us (quoted in Gardner 232). The Church harbours those on pilgrimage to the other side-the eternal homeland. But sailing on the sea of the world, they are bound to encounter rough winds and deadly storms. The men of the underworld and the forces of darkness operate in the secret of the night causing terrors that often shiver many Christians to submit to them. But the beautiful message of Matthew is that it is Christ himself who sent his Church on this pilgrimage. He is aware of the storms ahead. His silent moments (of prayers) shows how he constantly intercedes before the Father on behalf of his Church. His absence from the boat does not suggest abandonment. It is an opportunity to allow his Church to build more faith in him through the turbulent events of life. Matthew describes his absence-presence as walking towards them in the fourth watch of the night. It is the outbreak of light meant to terrorize the terrorizing forces of darkness. THE DESCRIPTION OF JESUS AS GHOST SHOWS HOW PERSECUTION AND CHALLENGES CAN CAUSE CHRISTIANS TO LOSE A CLEAR IMAGE OF THE LORD. The stepping out of Peter shows also how the leaders of the Church must step out to match over the world of fear terrorizing the faithful. Though their yes like Peter is not a guarantee of the success of their mission. Sometimes, they lose step and fall because of the VOICE OF THE WIND (the voice of riches and powers) CAUSING THEM TO LOSE THE VOICE OF HIM WHO ASK THEM TO COME.
Would Jesus had saved Peter without the later crying out? Yes, but the example of Peter is meant to teach us how important it is to recognize ones failings and to ask God for help.


Look with pity on your children o Lord for we are surrounded by the storms of life. And since You know that without You we can do absolutely nothing, come to us soon and rescue us as we place all our hope in you.