The month of April is dedicated to The Holy Spirit. The end of Lent, the Sacred Triddum, and the beginning of the Easter fall in April this year. During the first twenty days we are in Lent which is represented by the liturgical color purple — a symbol of penance, mortification and the sorrow of a contrite heart. Then we enter into the Easter in which the color changes to white, the color of light, a symbol of joy, purity, and innocence.

The Gospel readings for the Sundays in April are taken from St. John and St. Luke and are from Year C, Cycle 1.

April 7th - Fifth Sunday of Lent

This Gospel tells the story of the woman taken in adultry.

April 14th - Palm Sunday

The Gospel is the reading of the Passion of Our Lord. 

April 21st - Easter Sunday


This Gospel recounts Mary Magdalen and the apostles visit to the empty tomb of Christ on Easter.

April 28nd - Divine Mercy Sunday


The Gospel relates the story of doubting Thomas.