3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A, January 26, 2020-“He is our Light”
Father Lawrence Obilor


The light of God never grows dim. It is the light that has shone to the world and into the darkness of men’s lives. Christ is that light. Today Jesus begins his public preaching of the Word. Base on this, the Holy Father on September 30, 2019 in his Apostolic Letter issued in the form of Motu Proprio “Aperuit illis” dedicated the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time as a day to celebrate the Word of God in a special way. Let us savour the sweet taste of the Word as of the Eucharist.


The Greek word for repent is ‘metanoia,’ which implies a radical change in one’s thinking. It means looking at life in a completely new way. It is only when we begin to make this radical change that we begin to become part of that Kingdom and God starts ruling our lives. When we humbly come before God and tell him, “I am weak; I can’t help myself; I need you my God,” then we have accepted to lose ourselves to God. In other words, we are inviting God to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves that is, to raise our dead self and to change and re-create us.
Today, Jesus the light shines in “our Galilee of darkness.” Can we just allow him into our lives?


Christ simply says he is the visible kingdom of God. To believe in him is to be in the kingdom. Thus the kingdom of God is when the will of God is established on earth and when the world becomes the way God wants it to be. We don’t have to think that the type of life we live here is different from the one we will live after. It begins from here. Thus, our life here must be a foreshadow of the life we will live thereafter and not a contradiction to it.


Lord Jesus, we have stumbled so much because our path has been so dark. We humbly implore you to take us by the hand and walk with us on the path that leads to life. Amen.