By the grace of God, we have been given the opportunity to learn more about God's love. Through religious education we are getting to learn more about God, His Church, and being formed in the faith. We are Annunciation Church Christ's Body.
We feel that our religious education program is one of the best in our area, providing a quality support network that can be seen in the students who come back to help or teach after their Confirmation.

Our teachers are consistently challenging themselves by attending training workshops and continued education. Some of our teachers are seasoned professionals, college students, or high school students. Some of them have been teaching less than a year. Some of them have been teaching over twenty years; but they are all committed to educating our children to the best of their ability.

As the Church, we all have important but different responsibilities. One of them is to pass the faith onto the children. We do realize, that this is the duty of the church, but the primary duty is of the parents. The Parents are the most important religious educators for their children. If the family prays together, it stays together. Mom and Dad are the best examples for their children. They learn what they see and hear.
One week has seven days, 24 hours per day. 24 X 7 = 168 hours/week. The Church invites your children not only to know something about God but above all to develop a close relationship with Him through Holy Mass, sacraments and devotions.
It means that only about two hours per week in the life of your child is given to religious education. Let's ask a question: How can we do all that can be done? After all, it's only with parental involvement that the real goal of religious education becomes possible. All Parents want the best for their children. The CCD Staffs realize that, therefore please help us to help you!

The sounds of childhood learning and the constant questions youth ask can be heard every Monday evening as the students of our CCD program meet Sunday morning at 10:30 am to 11:20 am during the fall and spring semesters. There are over 100 students from 4 year olds to tenth graders. While the religious education program realizes that parents are the primary teachers of their children, our teachers and helpers are always available to explore the Catholic faith and offer guidance and religious support.

Each week a different grade level participates in a mass specifically designed for their age group based on the particular lessons in their books. Our second graders prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Our program culminates with the Sacrament of Confirmation preparation, which is a two year program for our ninth and tenth grades.

Our students are constantly challenged and rewarded with special incentives for perfect attendance, dedication and performance.

Religious Education Office

Beginning this CCD semester, a Religious Education Office was opened in the Saint John Paul II Center equipped with computer, fax, copy machine and telephone.