The Mission Statement

The Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe Society of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish is to promote devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of America, and to the ministry of the  Family Faith Formation.

Goals and Objectives


The Family Faith Formation works in collaboration with all the ministries within the parish, but particularly with the religious education program. The goal is to promote the formation of faith at home and to remind parents that they are the primary influence in the development of faith in their children. Information is communicated to parish families through activities which offers encouragement, parenting ideas, and ways of bringing religion into the everyday life of the family.


  • Promote Family Faith Formation (FFF), concentrating on spiritual needs of the parish  families. The Virgin Mary’s love for us is so great that through her visits she has given us many blessing  to strengthen our faith.


  • Reverence for the Blessed Virgin Mary, for her apparitions, especially to our Lady of Guadalupe


  • Promote the gifts and messages contained in Our Lady’s Apparitions.


  • Inform the membership, through lecture and discussion programs, in the works of Laity, related to Our Lady’s apparitions.


  • Promote the spiritual welfare of the Parish families by encouraging them, the practice of the sacraments, and participation in the Church to fulfill the vocation of the Lay Apostolate.


  • Attend Mass and receive Holy Communion regularly, and especially participate in Masses dedicated to Our Blessed Mother on Her Feast Day.


Our Lady of Guadalupe

Pray for us.