There is an urgent need for a more widespread and deeply felt conviction that all members of the Church, have the grace and responsibility to look after vocations into priestly and religious life. That is the Baptismal privilege of every Christian!

Pastor and the Vocation Committee will help our Parish Family to promote and encourage vocations among the youth through various activities such as prayer, resource materials, presentations done by guest speakers, missionaries, youth leaders and parents of priests and sisters.

The Vocation Committee will prepare observing and celebrating especially, World Day for Consecrated Life, World Day of Prayer for Vocations and Vocation Awareness Week.

The family and friends of young people considering their response to the call of priesthood and a religious life are asked to encourage them and support them.

One of the important ministries of our Parish Community is to offer spiritual and financial support to seminarians and members of the religious orders.


O Lord guide all who are seeking You. May Your Spirit direct all who are called to a religious vocation and strengthen those who have committed themselves to the priesthood or religious life. Inspire men and women to serve our Church, and keep us all in Your grace. Amen!