A Christian Cemetery

is a special place of memory, prayer, and reflection for the living. We can also described it as a "Resurrection Garden," where the living await the Resurrection. The Faithful take care of their cemetery with dignity and respect because it is a Holy Place where religious ceremonies are held and our Loved Ones buried .

The Cemetery of the Annunciation B.V.M. Church is a sacred ground that is designated primarily for the burial of our Catholic Parishioners. Because our space is limited we are not selling to Non-Parishioners at this time. For supporting Parishioners a limit of two plots may be bought at one time, per family.

Flower and Plant Arrangements:
We kindly ask everyone to help us keep our cemetery in proper order and neat appearance. You can truly help us by adopting the following rules regarding the flowers and arrangements:

1. All flowers/plants should be kept in vases that are a part of the headstone.

2. Flowers and plants should not be placed in front of or behind the headstone except at the time of burial. These will be removed/rearranged appropriately within the following week.

3. To show respect to this sacred place of our loved ones, only religious symbols will be placed or engraved on the headstones.

Regular mowing and trimming is being taken care of by our contract maintenance worker, but, please remember that the cleaning of the individual grave is still the family responsibility. Old artificial flowers are discarded periodically, especially for All Souls & Saints Day and Easter.