The Children of the Rosary Society is an organization of both boys and girls of our Parish. Once they have received their First Holy Communion, they may join this organization and remain members until they are of age to join the Adult Rosary Society or the Holy Name Society.

► The primary purpose of this Society is to introduce young people to the daily devotion of the Rosary, and to learn more about the Church ministries.

► Some of the spiritual activities include:

- Making chaplets, inviting speakers to talk about Mary,

- Visiting the Oblate Grotto for stations and adoration,

- Placing flowers on the forgotten graves in our cemetery for All Saints and Souls Day,

► The children of the Rosary Society visit the area Nursing homes throughout the year to offer spiritual and emotional support to the residents and a small care package.

► They also enjoy the seniors meals as they help with decoration and serving. Christmas is a wonderful time to spread cheer so, during the weekend before Christmas children deliver a hot turkey dinner and gifts to the seniors in our parish community. The gratitude expressed by those who receive the meals is truly a reward and an inspiring for children to continue this ministry of Christian love.

► This Society has also the fund raising activities to help with it's projects such as: the Holy Name Society's chicken dinner in February at which they sell baked goods, the annual Bake Sale and raffle on Palm Sunday, and the children’s booths held with the Adult Rosary Society Turkey Dinner in November.

► The donations from these fundraisers are used for the Society's ministries.  We would like to thank everyone for supporting financially and spiritually this wonderful organization of our young Parishioners. 

May Blessed Mother of the Most Holy Rosary protect them all.