One of the final projects of the Jubilee Celebration was the restoration of the church’s floor. During that time, the church pews were placed in the John Paul II Center for Sunday and daily services. A Brazilian teakwood floor was installed to harmonize with the beautiful style of the church and bring the assurance that its quality would last for a long time.

In closing the 150th Anniversary with the Thanksgiving Mass, Rev. Boleslaw Zadora, SDS Pastor, expressed the heartfelt gratitude to God, the Blessed Mother of the Annunciation, Patron Saints of the parish, and to members of our parish family. We witnessed many wonderful spiritual and physical accomplishments during this historical year. So many Parishioners came together in unexpected ways to manifest their faith, fulfill dreams for our parish and to perform miracles through their generous hearts. The fruits of these labors will only be fully realized between now and our next milestone. We can be sure that the spirit of the Jubilee Year will keep the momentum going forward to help the generations grow in faith and take good care of this beautiful church and parish.