Mission Statement

This special ministry consists of a small number of devoted parishioners who are dedicated to assist the Pastor in visiting the sick and housebound once a week. The ministry also provides transportation to those who need it. While visiting the sick, the Eucharistic Ministers along with their  Pastor provide spiritual and emotional support through the Sacraments and prayers.

The members of this precious ministry provide also a day of fellowship for all senior citizens in our Parish Community every other month. Many wonderful events fill up this day such as: Holy Mass, reception in the St. John Paul II Center that includes hot meal, a delicious cake, bingo with prizes and entertainments. Transportation is provided to those who need it.

The Pastor or the Parish Office should be informed when any parishioner is sick or housebound so that a pastoral visitation by the Special Ministers could be arranged.


Lord Jesus Christ,
you cured the bodies, nursed the souls and healed the hearts of all the sick who came to you in faith.
Strengthen all our Parishioners who are sick, housebound or in Nursing Home. Give them patience, hope, determination, compassion, and the grace of consolation and healing.