"GO MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS.”            (MT. 28:19)

Laity are called to active collaboration with pastors, clergy, and religious and one another in order to be pastorally effective as witnesses to God’s reign of peace and justice.


What is the pastoral council?

The pastoral council is a parochial structure consisting of representative members of the parish who form one body with the pastor in fulfilling the church’s ministry.  The council is the means to bring life and service to the parish community.  This is accomplished by prayer, studying, discerning, advising, and by calling forth the gifts of others to minister in the parish and wider community.  Can. 512 - & 1. The pastoral council consists of Christian faithful who are in full communion with the catholic church.

► The members of the pastoral council must be committed to the spiritual growth and seek peace and sound family climate in the parish by promoting spiritual growth on all level of parish ministries in the light of the gospel.  Can. 514 - &1. The pastoral council enjoins only a consultative vote and it is governed by the diocesan bishop.

► The pastor retains the ultimate responsibility within the parish.  The pastoral council helps the pastor to evaluate the life of the parish.  The council’s decisions is valid and binding only if ratified by the pastor.  Parish organizations implement activities and programs of the parish.


A serving term for the Pastoral Council members is usually 3 years, but it can be extended to another term. However, it is recommended to be faithful to the regular elections in the Council and in all Parish Organizations in order to avoid “creating a clique” and give an opportunity to as many as possible Parishioners to be involved in the ministry of building up the Parish Family and the Church.